Nearly every therapist fantasizes about creating a space where men are comfortable to openly discuss their feelings and??relationships. And this fall JAy-Z made all our dreams come true! Tune in to hearEsther and Erica??swoon over the 4:44 video as the men tackle topics like love, infidelity, masculinity, and role modelswith […]

Jay-Z Is Making Therapist Porn

It’s seems rather apropros that in the aftermath of one of the east coast’s worst snow storms that today’s episode is all about wearing pajamas all day!  Erica and I are joined by Tara Jefferson of the YoungMommyLife.com to talk about self-care, motherhood, and why sometimes pajamas all day is […]

#7 Pajamas All Day with Tara Jefferson

Today Esther and Erica tackle the sometimes ambiguous idea of awareness. With their guest expert, Laura Probert, we discover that “the difference between living a life that feels meh and living a life that feels magical” is learning to be vulnerable. Laura is a physical therapist, poet, and wellness expert […]

#3 Let’s Heal Our Ish with Laura Probert

Marriage is work but is it really that hard?  Esther and Erica discuss the joys and challenges of married life, which may not be hard as we seem to think it is.  Join the conversation as we talk about all the ways we make the ‘work’ of marriage harder than […]

#2 Marriage is not that hard

Today Esther Boykin and Erica Turner are joined by writer, speaker, and dating expert, Kevin Carr. Kevin chats with us about all the reasons love is not a drive-thru and why killing your dreams is sometimes the key to finding your happily ever after.   SHOW NOTES Kevin Carr: www.kevinscarr.com […]

#1 Love is Not a Drive-Thru