#8 Black People Really Do Go To Therapy with Minaa B

Today we are joined by Minaa B. of RespectYourStruggle.com.  Minaa is a on a mission and the first day of Black History month is the perfect time for us to share it.  As therapists, black women, and human beings in general we admire her courage in sharing her personal struggle and love how she has used it to give voice to so many others.  Tune in now as we talk about how #TherapyIsNotADirtyWord and why talking about our struggle is the first step to overcoming it. respectyourstruggle




Be sure to visit RespectYourStruggle.com to see fresh new site and pick up your super cute RSY tee today!.  You can also find Minaa on Twitter and Instagram.


RLW {Read Listen Watch}:

This American Life was Erica’s RLW for today and while the entire podcast is wonderful we are particularly sharing episode #567.  A powerful, disturbing, and incredibly insightful glimpse at what it’s like inside of an abusive relationship.  The statistics related to abusive relationships, including among teens, is frightening but as we discussed with Minaa, the first step to making changes is understanding what the real struggle is. And as a special bonus… I also have a RLW today!  The Pocket Therapist by Therese Borchard is one of my favorite books to give and read.  Every chapter is short but packed with the best of the best advice she’s gotten from varied experiences in therapy.  Perfect when you are having a rough day, whether you’re in therapy or not.


Today we talked about our real and perceived duty to be ambassadors for therapists everywhere.  One of the biggest obstacles for many people who are hesitant to try therapy is the misconceptions of who and what therapists are like. Listen in as we discuss how we work to find balance between being a non-judgmental listening ear and maintaining good boundaries. Don’t forget to go send us your questions and suggestions for THERAPIST PROBLEMS #WithThatBeingSaid Esther: Twitter | Instagram | Facebook Erica: Twitter | Facebook | Instagram {<–look.. Erica’s on Instagram now!!!}

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