#7 Pajamas All Day with Tara Jefferson

It’s seems rather apropros that in the aftermath of one of the east coast’s worst snow storms that today’s episode is all about wearing pajamas all day!  Erica and I are joined by Tara Jefferson of the YoungMommyLife.com to talk about self-care, motherhood, and why sometimes pajamas all day is the only answer.




You can find more about Tara at TheYoungMommyLife.com.  Be sure to follow her on Twitter and Instagram for more information on her excited new venture the Self Care Box {you want one! trust us}


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The Hidden Brain podcast {if you are interested in the episode on Switch Tracking, it’s episode 1}


Today we talked about what to do when your couple friends are always bickering when you go out.  It’s a tricky balance but we have some solutions for you to consider. And if you are thinking about ditching  that  couple, read this for a quick reminder that even though they may annoy you, having couple friends is actually good for your relationship. Don’t forget to go send us your questions and suggestions for THERAPIST PROBLEMS #WithThatBeingSaid Esther: Twitter | Instagram | Facebook Erica: Twitter | InstagramFacebook {<–look.. Erica’s on Instagram now!!!}

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