#6 Who wants to be happy: with Chianti Lomax

  Seems like an obvious question… don’t we all want to be happy?  Maybe so but we also put up some serious barriers to happiness, including how we choose to define and how we open our heart to it (or not). On today’s show we are joined by speaker, consultant, coach, and ‘happiness curator’, Chianti Lomax for a serious discussion of what it really means to be happy.  Chianti has a passion for positive psychology and millennial which combines into a pretty awesome interview. Tune in now to discover who really wants to be happy and simple everyday things you can do to make it happen!  We even stumbled upon a great new mantra…

Kindness doesn't cost a damn thing, sprinkle that shit everywhere

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RLW {Read Listen Watch}:

Rising Strong by Brene Brown and because we love her so much… here’s my favorite of all her books and a cool new free course she’s offering! The Gifts of Imperfection and The Anatomy of Trust {free e-course}  


Today we talked about the assumption that therapists are really mind-readers with therapeutic Jedi mind control.  Sadly we do not have the powers but that doesn’t stop people from treating us like we do… Don’t forget to go send us your questions and suggestions for THERAPIST PROBLEMS #WithThatBeingSaid Esther: Twitter | Instagram | Facebook Erica: Twitter | Facebook

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