#5 Motherhood Isn’t Everything with Maimah Karmo

It feels almost blasphemous as a mom to say that motherhood isn’t everything in my life… and yet it’s not.  And I don’t think it should be. {gasp} On today’s episode of With That Being Said, Erica and I chat with Maimah Karmo about the role passion, purpose, and parenthood have in her life and the lives of women everywhere.  Maimah is a philanthropist, author, speaker, and pretty amazing mom who believes that there is more to life than just meeting the needs of others- even if “others” means your kids.

Even if you aren’t a mom, the conversation on this episode will still resonate.  We all know what it is to set aside our dreams for another person out of love- join the conversation and let’s talk about why that might not be such a a good idea. As a special bonus for my blog readers- I want to give you all free access to one of my favorite “strength/personality quizzes.  

Sally Hogshead’s How to Fascinate book and corresponding quiz are… well, fascinating.  She approaches the idea of ‘what should i do with my life’ from the perspective of not how you see yourself but rather how others experience you.  It’s an eye-opening look at how you influence the world around and a great glimpse into what your purpose might be. Simply go to www.howtofascinate.com/you and enter Access Code JOY-EstherB to take a free assessment.  I’d love to hear what you learn about yourself in the process… leave your comments below. 


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